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Year End Review 2021!

The 2021 Year End Review!

Hey neighbors it’s me again, checking in with your year-to-date market statistics for our combined neighborhoods of McFerrin Park, Cleveland Park, and Highland Heights.

For our neighborhood, we saw a total of 308 properties close for 2021 with a median list price per foot of $281 the median sales price per foot was $283. The median days on market was a whopping 2 days before going under contract, and contract to close days for the year was quick 32 days.

Comparing the year 2021 to the previous year there were 308 properties in 2021 and 280 in the year 2020 however sales price increased from $373k in 2020 to $475k in 2021!  That’s over a $100,000 difference in that one year!

The average sales price for the entire year was $475,701 in 2021.

So maybe you knew what your home was worth last year, or even the year before, but it’s worth your time to see what it’s worth today? I try to stay on top of our area so send me your home address and I will check to see what homes like yours are selling for in our combined neighborhoods.

See you next month!

Total Properties Sold

Median List Price Per Square Foot

Median Sales Price Per Square Foot

Median Days on Market

I have several listings that are not yet on the MLS in our neighborhood. If you are looking to make a move OR if you want the chance to choose your neighbor – call me!


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