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Meet Eric: Getting to Know Your Neighborhood

Eric: Columbia

Meet Eric, a client of mine that I had the joy to work with in 2017! He was gracious enough to answer a few interview questions about his FAVORITE THINGS in his new neck of the woods!

Favorite Eateries/Drinkeries:

What are the nearby Grocery Stores or specialty spots?

  • Kroger Clicklist has been a lifesaver for us… also Target has groceries, which is really convenient. And it’s about 2 minutes away!

Do you have a favorite outdoor spot?

  • Port Royal Park has a splash pad that the kids love… and Harvey Park in Spring Hill has a creek the kids like to walk around in with their shoes off.  Also Duck River Books in Columbia is one of our favorite spots.

Are there any local events events that you love?

  • This is kind of silly but Columbia has a Mule Festival that everyone’s into… it used to be how farmers would show off their mules for selling them for the highest price, but now it’s an excuse for music and food!

What else is nearby?

  • There’s a really big movie theater tucked behind the Target that I love. Just north of us is a huge shopping center with tons of big lot stores, and just south of us are tons of niche small-town shops, so we really like getting different flavors of shopping in each direction.

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