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Meet Emily & Scott: Getting to Know Your Neighboorhood

Scott and I absolutely LOVE our neighborhood!

The proximity to other parts of Nashville is easy and accessible, and we’ve enjoyed the people that surround us in our friendly neighborhood. 

I walk my dog pretty much every day, especially since the weather has been so nice. Charlie and I love to walk from Bicentennial Park all the way up 5th Avenue to the edge of Salemtown. There is a park between 5th and 4th Avenue (across from 5th & Taylor) that we frequent, too. I love the historic buildings, established trees, and the brick sidewalks. 

Our favorite spots to eat are Slim & Husky’s (of course), and we can’t wait to try the new vegan spot Southern V and the speakeasy Minerva. Further north in Germantown we love Vui’s KitchenButchertown HallRed Bicycle, and Henrietta Red’s. Our favorite spot for craft beer in the whole city is Bearded Iris – it’s a hidden gem! We also love frequenting the Farmer’s Market and checking out the new beers at the Picnic Tap

Every year we look forward to Oktoberfest. I prefer when it was actually in Germantown, but it’s still fun to walk through and of course, it is much larger now that it is located at Bicentennial. The park also has an Italian festival each year and offers free yoga classes, historical events, and live music. It’s a great spot! Over off Cass, there is the Jewish cemetery, which is an interesting spot to check out. It’s also easy to park in Germantown and walk over to Sounds Stadium for baseball games. We’ve even made the walk all the way from our house into downtown! 

There are always local churches and community organizations having a cook-out or soliciting donations for their causes. The Temple Church has a backpack drive every year for the local kids just before school starts, and come Easter season there are fish fries all across the neighborhood. Across Rosa Parks from Kroger is the Nashville Rescue Mission and a Second Harvest Food Bank; on the other side of Kroger a small farmer’s market is held that serves SNAP Benefit families. 

We have great relationships with our neighbors and we enjoy how quiet our street is. In fact, we’re thinking about either adding on to our house or looking for a larger home in the area – a family is in our future, and we’d like to stay!

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