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August 2019

The twenty eight homes that closed in August were even spread across the neighborhoods of McFerrin Park, Cleveland Park and Highland Heights.  Wait, read that AGAIN – 28 homes.  We have not witnessed that many total closings in a month in all of the time I’ve been reporting to you all (over 4 years!). This is a testament to the increasing desirability of our neighborhood, solid housing stock and historically low interest rates.  These numbers were so elevated that we had to check our work – twice!

Our median list price per foot was down slightly to 214 and mirrored the median sales price per foot for the month.  The average contract to close days is a quick 28 days.  Homes are still selling at very near asking price (sales price to list price checked in at 99%)

There are 56 properties pending in McFerrin Park, Cleveland Park and Highland Heights.

Average sales price for the month of August was $341,975

With talks of a slowing economy AND historically low interest rates, now is a great time to sell or refinance.  If you are planning to do either – Please give me a call!

Total Properties Sold


Median List Price Per Square Foot


Median Sales Price Per Square Foot


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I have several listings that are not yet on the MLS in our neighborhood. If you are looking to make a move OR if you want the chance to choose your neighbor – call me!


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