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Home Access for Home Buyers

Five Levels of Access for Buyers When Selling Your Home

February 20, 2019
So you’ve decided to sell your house. You’ve hired a real estate professional to help you with the entire process and they have asked you what level of access you want to provide to potential buyers. There are four elements to a quality listing. At the top of the list is Access, followed by Condition, […]

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Apartment Rentals

Protect Your Rental from Scammers with Google Alerts

It seems scams and rip off artists are around every corner lately. As a Realtor I run across a rental scam almost daily and it goes a little something like this. Terrible scammer steals pictures off the internet of a property for rent or sale, sets up their own fake rental on CraigsList using the […]

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Home Buyer Purchasing Power Based on Interest Rates

How Historically Low Interest Rates Increase Your Purchasing Power

According to Freddie Mac’s latest Primary Mortgage Market Survey, interest rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage are currently at 3.47%. Rates have remained at or below 3.5% each of the last 16 weeks, marking a historic low. The interest rate you secure when buying a home not only greatly impacts your monthly housing costs, but also impacts your purchasing […]

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Single Family Home for Sale

5 Reasons You Should Consider Selling Now

People across the country are beginning to think about what their life will look like next year. It happens every fall; we ponder whether we should relocate to a different part of the country to find better year-round weather, or perhaps move across the state for better job opportunities. Homeowners in this situation must consider […]

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Sitting on Couch - Renters or Home Owners

Whether You Rent or Buy: You are Paying a Mortgage

There are some renters who have not yet purchased a home because they are uncomfortable taking on the obligation of a mortgage. Everyone should realize that, unless you are living with your parents rent free, you are paying a mortgage – either yours or your landlord’s. As an owner, your mortgage payment is a form […]

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