After locating your new Nashville home, connecting utilities is one of those necessary evils that tends to get lost in the shuffle! This is a crucial step to assure a smooth transition into your new home. Call now to set up new service or transfer your existing services! Generally speaking, your electricity will be provided by Nashville Electric Service (NES) and Piedmont for gas services. For water, contact Metro Water Services. You should also call your internet, television and phone service providers as soon as possible as these appointments tend to have longer lead times. Options for these services are AT&T, Xfinity/Comcast, DishNetwork, and DirectTV

Waste/Recycling: Many properties in Davidson County are located within the Urban Services District and these services are included in your taxes. You can request one free trash container and multiple recycling containers.

If you are purchasing in a condo or planned community, contact the Home Owners Association president to determine if any of these services are included in your fee. Also, some communities have specific providers that you must use.

Discounts - many local employers offer discounts for services, so be sure to explore this with your company.

Have all of the utilities start on the day of closing.

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